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TEC-HUB.EU is Europe’s largest consultancy network for professional freelancers, contractors and consultancies. As with any successful global business, the bigger the business, the greater the knowledge pool and skill set that lies within it. Aside from our in-house capabilities, TEC-HUB.EU has formed strategic business partnerships over time that serve to complement and strengthen our core activities.

With our global infrastructure and local partners, TEC-HUB.EU are ideally set-up to provide business and development support to our members. Our size is our fortitude and our business capabilities are your opportunity. As your trusted partner in resourcing, we encourage you to leverage all our strengths, to gain operational and economic efficiencies for your own business. Our aim is to help you grow, evolving your career or your business.

Our TEC-HUB.EU gateway offers members access to all our support services, ranging from sales and marketing and business development, to back office support for compliance, HR, book keeping and administration. TEC-HUB.EU members benefit from preferential rates for all our services.

Our objective is for you to realise your full potential, be it for your own career development or for your company growth. TEC-HUB.EU can open doors for you, not only for new project placement but for building a successful consultancy business or global mobilisation of your established consultancy. Our unique position knows no bounds for business support. If you have the ambition, we have the know how to provide you with access to the people with the skills, finance and the motivation to make things happen and for you to reap the rewards.

TEC-HUB.EU can provide access to:

Business Development

Our Sales & Marketing services can help set out your stall, define your differentiators and play to your strengths to give you the best advantage in a competitive market place. Let us understand your personal or business goals and design and implement a marketing strategy to secure new business opportunities and continued career development or business growth.

Back Office support

Regardless of the size of your business, your core competences are your focus. Our business support provides a range of services to offset the pressures of running a business and remaining compliant. If you need help with administration, book keeping, invoicing services, or to manage your legal and fiscal obligations, contact us today for further information.

Investment Options

If you are looking to expand your business locally or internationally and require funding, we can offer you access to a range of competitive lending and investment options to suit your business requirements. Don’t miss out on business opportunities due to lack of resource or funding. Talk to us today to discuss your business goals and let us help you release your business growth potential.

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