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Your client is depending on you to manage their project lifecycle and provide a smooth execution of high-value projects.

Global expansion and the employment of a contingent workforce carries with it inherent risks, which opens the floodgates for non-compliance. The quagmire of in-country laws, tax requirements and regulation require local knowledge and experience to ensure that all applicable regulatory, immigration and fiscal matters are taken care of. Any non-compliance can result in financial penalties and ultimately damage industry reputation.

How will you manage this?

Through our strategic partners, TEC-HUB.EU support consultancies who engage a cross-border workforce for international projects.

Global Mobility & Expansion
We facilitate mobilisation of an overseas contingent workforce. In understanding your client’s goals, we can help plan the right deployment strategy, removing the barriers of investment cost and time to achieve rapid market entry.
Our local knowledge and global structure means that we are ideally positioned to hit the ground running. We can quickly develop solutions in ‘new’ countries, enabling you to increase your client’s global footprint without the need to invest or incorporate locally.

Mitigate Financial Risk
We ensure workforce compliance by managing all regulatory, immigration and fiscal matters. Our Employer of Record solution shoulders the burden of host country laws and regulations. Our services simplify immigration and international payroll, eliminate the risk of worker misclassification, sponsor work visas and provide HR support.

In short, we create a risk-free environment for your client’s contingent workforce and mitigate the risk of financial penalty for non-compliance.

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